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The diverse land of India is known for its multiplicity. Apart from culture, language, religion and attires, one more thing is there that diversify India brilliantly. That is Indian food. Indian food is another greatest delight of the country that makes it stand apart. Street food of India is the most tempting part of the culinary delights of the country. Sold in public areas like markets or stalls, street foods are mostly ready to eat food. They can be found at very small price and are really delicious in taste. Each city of India has its own specialty of all time much desired snacks that are favorite of all. Explore major street foods of India offered by different cities.

Vada Pao, Mumbaivada pao mumbai

It is the Indian version of burger and the most popular road side food loved by people of Maharashtra. Vada Pao is the favorite and ultimate staple food product, which is made with a fried potato dumpling called batata vada in the middle of bun – Pav. Condiments like chutneys and fried green chilies are added for better taste. It is a well-known snack food of Maharashtra and some other names in this list are Misal Pav, Pav Bhaji, and Kande Pohe. Read more about Mumbai tour attraction.

Poha, Indorepoha indore

A popular city of the ‘heart of India’ Madhya Pradesh, Indore is famous for its delicious wide range of snacks items. One can enjoy here a different variety of street food that tastes really awesome. Out of which, Poha is the most popular one. Poha is light and delicious street food, which can be enjoyed as breakfast. It is prepared with flatten rice and adding some ingredients like potato, onion and groundnuts.

Chole Bhature, Delhichole bhature

Capital city of India is the best place to enjoy street foods in India as it offers them in plenty. You can find an array of roadside food stalls. Chole bhature is a popular Punjabi dish but loved by maximum people of India. Chole bhature is a popular breakfast item and can be found any road side food-stall and even restaurants. Some other street foods of Delhi are Aloo Chaat, Dahi Bhalle and stuffed parathe. Read more about Delhi tourist attraction.

Litti Choka, Patnalitti chokha

It is the most famous dish and the soul food of states like Bihar, Jharkhand and East Utter Pradesh. Litti looks like baati of Rajasthan but differ in taste due to its recipe. The dough is stuffed with grinded gram nut flour and grilled on fire. Chokha is made of potato, brinjal and tomato. The combination is ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Don’t miss to taste this wonderful street food of Patna. Read more about Patna tourist attraction.

Idli Sambhar, Chennaiidli sambar

It is the most preferred South Indian dish, which is light and delicious in taste. It is commonly served as breakfast item and along with peanut or coconut chutney. In Chennai, you can many stalls selling Idli-Sambhar that tastes really good. Vada Sambhar, Dosa and Upma are some other street foods of Chennai. Read more about Chennai tourist attraction.

Tikki-Chole, Lucknowtikki chole

Aloo tikki with chole is going to bring water in your mouth with its lip smacking taste and amazing texture. It is served at most of the road-side stalls in Lucknow. It is one of the most mouth-watering delicacies of Uttar Pradesh. Tikki is prepared by mashed potatoes and served with boiled pea accompanying various spices. Some other famous street foods of Uttar Pradesh are Bhel Puri, Sev Puri and Dahi Puri. Read more about Lucknow tourist attraction.

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