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Representing a kaleidoscope of vibrant culture and traditions, heritage, magnificent architecture and friendly people, India attracts a huge of international tourists around the year. India covers a land of over an area of around 3,287,263 square kilometers, and has diverse geography, making it more exciting rather enchanting holiday destination for international travelers. It’s a universal fact that travelling is always a wonderful experience, but it should be noted that only when you are well known, prepared and in fact, go for some extra preparations to know about the country you want to travel. And, if you want to come to India, you just need to have to be extra prepared or should we say, follow some simple and handy tips. In the following write-up, we have mentioned some of the important tips when travelling to India!

images (1)Carry Valid Passport & Visa: Like any other out of country travel requirement, you must obtain a valid visa on your valid passport in order to travel to India. You must note that the duration and type of visa should also be specified. In addition, you should carry your passport (stamped with visa) while travelling anywhere in India.

Keep Your Medicines With You: There is a lot of difference in the medicines available in India and abroad, their medicinal quality or say salt and other specific elements might be different in India. Therefore, as a foreigner it is very important for you to carry your own medicines (if you are on any kind of specified medication). However, keeping a pouch of common medicines for headache, stomachache or toothache etc. is also a good idea.

Carry Cash Money Matter: For travelers, it’s a tip that you should carry only sufficient amount of cash with you. You can later, get it converted into Indian money at the money exchange counter in the airport. You must note that in India, you would usually need cash for direct payments unless you are buying something from some privileged shops. Thus, carrying cash is must. However, keeping plastic money (International Debit and Credit Cards) won’t be a bad idea.

Use Bottled Water Only

Yes, we are talking about water here! I would compel you to drink and use sterilized water. The common tap water of India is not that much safe for your health, therefore always try to avoid drinking tap water. Your Indian friends or common people at the restaurant will be drinking tap water only but we would suggest you to go with bottled water.

Don’t Experiment Much with Food

Similar to water, the food in India can be risky too. Though, Indian spices are famous for their exotic flavors and taste but everyone cannot digest it. Thus, always try to have your meal at recognized food joints like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos or other reputed restaurants. See, here you might need to pay extra than common food but your health is the most important thing. Also, try to avoid spicy street food (like Chat, tikki, Pakora or other snacks) because they may neither be hygienic nor suitable to your digestive system.

Last but not the least, to stay away from any commuting hassle to or from Airport / Railway station, don’t forget to ask for a pick up and drop facility from the hotel you will stay.

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