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Gujarat, often quoted as “Vibrant Gujarat” is a western state of India which is combines many cultures, traditions, wildlife and tribes. In fact, the varied geography of Gujarat has earned its name to be of the most unique in the world. Amongst all, the Kutch region of Gujarat is known for its handicrafts made from centuries old traditions. Kutch is a barren land which comes under the walled city of Bhuj, and derives its name from Bhujia fortress, which overlooks the scenic views of the city from a hill nearby. In fact, if you are an adventure traveler and always keep searching for various natures’ wonders then this barren land is the best place to give a visit to.

The history weighs deeply on the Kutch region, as it is home to the Harappan sites. However, Bhuj gained prominence when it became the capital of the Jadeja Rajput rulers during the mid-16th century. The whole Bhuj is a visual as well as a shoppers delight with the blue sky and while land, the captivating bazaars selling an array of world known Kutch handicrafts. Bhuj also serves as a facilitator for visits to “Flamingo City”, making it a paradise for people who love watching birds. In addition, if you want to experience the grandeur of this place, the ideal time to do so is during February / March when the Kutch Mahotsav is organised by TCGL.

Some of the popular tourist attractions in & around Kutch region, which you must visit while being here.

Parag Mahal

It is a massive Italian marble and sandstone building which was constructed in the latter part of the 19th century by Rao Paragmalji. The gigantic Darbar Hall and the Clock Tower are worth paying a visit for, however, some parts of this monument is used for specific government offices.  So, in a way, this once a Mahal architecture is serving as a public monument in every manner.

Aina Mahal

Right adjacent to the Prag Mahal, another magnificent architecture is Aina Mahal. This over 350 years old palace was built at a cost of Rs. 2 million. This huge Mahal is home to the Maharaja’s private collections of royal furniture, paintings, arms, textiles, manuscripts and ivory work etc. People who love to explore the history of this place will have a gala time in Aina Mahal.

Rao Lakhpatji Chhatri (Cenotaphs Complex)

Earlier, the final resting places of the royals were used to be the Chhatris (cenotaphs), which were erected over cremation platforms of the rulers. The tradition of building of these chhatris (made of red sandstone) was started by Rao Lakha in the 18th century. The most impressive and artistically carved roof of supported by beautifully carved pillar is the main Chhatri of the whole complex.

Kutch Museum

Known to be the oldest museum existed in the state of Gujarat, the Kutch Museum is a depository of having 11 different sections on inscriptions, sculpture, archaeology, coins, paintings and currency of the Katchchh state and from almost every country of the world. A separate shipping section displays models of ships constructed in Mandvi, with other sections emphasizing on musical instruments, philately and arms and ammunition. It should be noted that the section of Natural History was added in 1978.

Apart from these, Dadavadi Jain, Mohammed Pannah Mosque, Swami Narayan Temple and Khengar Park & Hamirsar Lake are some of the other famous attractions of Kutch. However, the Rann of Kutch is one of the most unique attraction and excursion from main Kutch (Bhuj) town. So, next time planning a trip to Gujarat, choose to explore Kutch!

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