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Travel is not all about the exploration of sights but it is a change that continues, deep and permanent, in the dreams of living. Not just the visual beauty of a place enthralls us but a lot of small factors are being compiled together to make a vacation truly rejuvenating. And this makes travelling an addiction. Once you get addicted to this drug, it becomes difficult to get rid of it. In fact, the more you go for it, the more you desire to continue. Every time you will keep thinking about your next destination to visit. The points mentioned below are some symptoms that suggest you are a travel addict. Instead of how much you have traveled, how much is your desire to travel suggests that whether you are a travel addict or not.

  • You flip through different pages of internet to find out best things about a destination

  • You love reading guidebooks

  • You love to write about travel & run a travel blog

  • You love to ask people about their belonging from a destination than their family

  • You don’t miss a single chance to know about anyone travel experiences

  • You find it stupid that people post their holiday pictures during their travelling

  • You are ready to explore anything including mountains, beaches, historical ruins, nightlife, monuments, forests and deserts

  • You can pack your bag in 15 minutes for a one week trip

  • Instead of cracking jokes, you enjoy sharing travel stories with your group

  • Airport codes, capitals and main cities of different countries are by heart to you

  • Watching travel channels is your favorite time pass

  • You easily get familiar with people who grew up in a different place than you

  • Collecting currencies is your hobby

  • You love to keep your passport near your pillow

  • You never mind visiting a place again

  • Attending travel conferences is one of the must do things in your list

  • Instead of paintings, your room wall has maps

  • Since you didn’t travel for long, you feel like nothing is going well in your life

  • Your heart cries when you return from a trip

  • You can talk a lot about a place that you have not visited ever

  • You have clear plan of next 5 years for place to visit

These are some indications that suggest whether someone is a travel addict or not. If you are smiling due to having a match with these signs, we congratulate you on being a travel addict. Due to being a travel addict, if you are looking for something related, check out our holiday packages and know where to plan your next vacation.

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