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Traveling is not just beautiful and pleasurable but it is a circumstance that none can avoid. Bringing lots of opportunities for fun, amusement & learning, each journey of life teaches us something and brings a change in us that we can cherish for lifetime. Have you ever thought that this journey can give you a lifetime pain due to committing silly mistakes during the trip? What are those mistakes that people often commit and can involve themselves in problems. Explore them.

Book Flight Tickets from Unreliable Source: The travel & tourism sector is filled with several agents who challenges to give cheap flight tickets but can’t fulfill them. Beware of such travel agents who lure people with several offers and discounts. By doing booking with such agencies, you can indulge yourself in big troubles. Therefore, it is highly advisable for the travelers that they book their flights or other travel products from trustworthy source.

Give Essential Luggage to a Stranger: You don’t know when you could be required to gate-check your hand luggage. Keep all your essentials (without which you can’t survive) in a pouch inside your carry-on so that, if you have to submit your carry-on to a flight attendant at the last minute since the overhead bins are full, you can take away the smaller bag and keep an eye on it under the seat before you.

Miss Complementary Treatment of Hotels: If you are celebrating a special occasion in a luxury hotel, do let the hotel management know about it. The special occasion can be including of birthdays, wedding anniversary or birth ceremony of a new-born, inform about it on front desk or throw a mail to the general manager before you arrive. Good hotels always do something extra to make your special occasions more wonderful.

Presume Your Passport is Valid but It Expires: Often it happens that people think of having a valid passport but their validity for traveling in certain countries have been expired. Several counties require that passports should be valid for at least 6 months more than the date of your returning back home and 26 European counties expect this period should be at least 3 months.

Waste Time in Shuffling with Local Logistics: Several times you may need a stellar concierge. If you are not staying at such kind of hotel, search the nearest five-star hotel and visit its concierge desk. They are usually happy to assist even if you are not staying with them. Ask politely whatever is your requirement including English-speaking driver/guide, doctor, walking routes, or instructions for cab drivers written in the local language. Just don’t be in hurry.

Choose a Highly Visited Place: There are several destinations in the world that are left unexplored due to being not so famous. Even though, these places have same appeal for the visitors because of their natural ambiance. Have a visit to such places as you can enjoy same natural beauty there along with better services at cheaper rates.

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