Top 10 Museums in India

By | March 9, 2017

India is a gorgeous country which is rich in architectural marvels, historic past, traditions, culture and has wide past. This country is dotted with numerous historical monuments and landmarks which are associated with the past of the country. There are many museums in India which displays the glorious past of the region. There is no single tour in India of any city or state which can be complete without visiting the museum of the city, usually the museum of city reflects the culture and vibrant history of ancient India in the best possible way. India houses lot of museums which portrays the truth of India’s past.

National Museum


The National Museum is one of the well known museums of New Delhi. It is established in 1949 and is situated on the corner of Janpath which is one of the lively places of Delhi. This museum houses variety of collection including manuscripts, jewelry, decorative pieces and antiques. This museum also houses Buddha section.

Indian Museum


Indian museum was established in 1814 and it is the oldest and largest museum in India. This museum has unique collections of Mughal paintings, armour and ornaments, fossils, skeletons, antiques and mummies. Indian museum was founded by Asiatic Society of Bengal. It houses 6 sections which contains 5 galleries. You can visit this museum of Kolkata and explore its uniqueness.

Salar Jung Museum


This beautiful art museum is situated on the land of Hyderabad. This museum contains a unique collection of artifacts, textiles, paintings and clocks. The collection is done from various countries like India itself and Burma, Europe, Nepal, Egypt, North America and China. This museum can be visited on any day of the week except Friday from 10am-5pm. This museum is a must visit on Hyderabad tour.

Bhau Daji Lad Museum


This is the oldest museum in Mumbai and is situated in Byculla East. It is established in 1855. This museum houses several antiques and artifacts and people love to explore this museum on Mumbai tour.

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum


This is one of the largest dolls collections in Delhi and it has 2 sections which exhibits 160 glass cases from Australia, Africa, India and New Zealand. Visitors can have the glimpse at the collection of dolls from other countries and at the Indian version of dolls traditions like pairs of bride and groom.

Calico Museum


Calico Museum is one of the much loved destinations in Ahmadabad. This museum was started by Gautam Sarabhai and his sister Gira Sarabhai and it is established in 1949 year. This museum has a superb collection of fabrics and stunning work of art as well.

National Rail Museum


This National Rail Museum is situated in Chankyapuri over an area of around 10 acres of land and it house great collection of 100 displays of Indian Railways. There is also a toy train ride in this museum which tenders ride of the site daily. Some of the artifacts of the museum include working models, historical photographs, signaling tools and antique furniture. National Rail Museum is open for visitors all days expect Monday.

Napier Museum


This museum is constructed in 19th century and is the oldest museum in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This museum got its name from the Governor of Madras; Lord Napier. Napier Museum houses historic artifacts like kathakali puppet models, Kerala chariots, musical instruments and bronze idols of goddess and gods. Plan Kerala tour and explore the amazing Napier Museum.

Government Museum


This museum is also called as Madras Museum; Government Museum is located in Egmore which is one of the busiest places in Chennai. This museum was established in 1851 and houses antiques and artifacts of different varieties pertaining geology, zoology, botany and anthropology. The museum also has sections which houses several south Indian items which date back to Vijayanagar, Chaulkyas and Chola. Museum also has separate sections for children.

Princes of Wales Museum


This museum is situated in Mumbai. This famous museum has 3 prominent sections like art section, archeological section and natural history section and was erected in 20th century. The artifacts of each section dates back to the era of Gupta and Chaulkyas. Visit these marvelous museums in India with

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