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Appropriate Places to Celebrate Mahashivratri this Year

Mahashivratri means the great night dedicated to Lord Shiva, he is called as the ascetic god of Hindus. This festival is celebrated each and every year in veneration to Lord Shiva. This year Mahashivratri festival is falling on March 8, 2016. Below is the list...
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A Complete Food Guide When You are Traveling

On a holiday trip, most of us end up wasting a fortune on food and then also don’t get right choice. From the buffets at the restaurant to numerous drinks, travelers usually spend a lot on dining. The best part of holidays is to have...
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Top Holiday Destinations in India for Spiritual Detoxification

Holidaying is not all about collecting information about historical places or visiting beautiful nature-friendly destinations. Instead of these, holidays are mostly meant to refresh our body, mind and soul. However, not every place can detoxify your body. There are very few places that can be...
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Popular Tombs in the World

There are many famous tombs in the world which deserves a visit at least once in lifetime because of their architectural beauty or because of the reasons why they have been built. People throughout history do different rituals when a person dies, some show respect...
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