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The Biggest Travel Mistakes People Often Do

Traveling is not just beautiful and pleasurable but it is a circumstance that none can avoid. Bringing lots of opportunities for fun, amusement & learning, each journey of life teaches us something and brings a change in us that we can cherish for lifetime. Have...
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Lakshadweep – A Tropical Heaven of India

Encircled by crystal clear deep blue water, sparkling coral reefs and green coconut palms, Lakshadweep is one of the most exotic holiday destinations in the territory of India. It is known as India’s smallest Union Territory and world’s most impressive tropical island system. According to...
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Symptoms that Indicate You are a Travel Freak

Travel is not all about the exploration of sights but it is a change that continues, deep and permanent, in the dreams of living. Not just the visual beauty of a place enthralls us but a lot of small factors are being compiled together to...
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