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Exploring Diu & Its Attractions

Diu attractions
Located off the Saurashtra coast of the state of Gujarat, Diu is a stunning island holiday destination for all kind of travelers. Similar to that of Daman and Goa, Diu also was a Portuguese colony until it was won over by India in the year...
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Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

Christmas celebrations
Mostly believed to be a western festival, Christmas is celebrated in India with much prompts and show like other Indian festivals. Especially in urban India, the Indian version of this festival can be experienced. The festival of Christmas, brings us the moments of utter happiness...
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Famous Tourist Places of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu
The southern state of Tamil Nadu has its unique ancient Dravidian culture that makes it a fascinating part of south India. This beautiful state attracts both tourists as well as pilgrims due to its towering and captivating temples. Besides, the beaches and hill stations are...
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Best Diving Spots in Asia

Asia offers some of the finest diving experiences for diving lovers in the world. Underwater diving is a kind of passion for diving lovers, who wish to experience the underwater life, swim with the underwater life of the sea and enjoy touching the flora and...
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Explore Amazing Marvels of India

Travelling and exploring different places is a passion for a traveler and when it comes to a country like India, then there are a lot of destinations waiting to be discovered. You will get many places to choose from and have many popular destinations to...
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Popular Pilgrimage Destinations in India

India is known as a country where you will find unity in diversity. Here, many religious beliefs live with perfect harmony. In fact, there are many religious destinations in India, where devotees go for their pilgrimage and pay their regards to their respective religions and...
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