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Located off the Saurashtra coast of the state of Gujarat, Diu is a stunning island holiday destination for all kind of travelers. Similar to that of Daman and Goa, Diu also was a Portuguese colony until it was won over by India in the year 1961. A small stretch of this beautiful land surrounded by pellucid blue waters on all sides is a perfect holiday spot for locals. In fact, every sight of this small island is a treat for the eyes. Here, you can swim / take a dip in the waters, chill on the berths (under the shade of the tall palm trees), savor on tangy coconut juice or just stroll around in the island to explore the various tourist spots. Salt manufacturing, fishing, tourism and booze are some of the major industries of this island. Well, on my tour to this tiny yet beautiful place I have made some handy tips for future visitors. Leaf through this write-up and be well prepared of your trip to Diu.

Diu Attractions

Best Time to Visit: Diu is an island and thus, it can be visited all around the year. But, the tourist season of this island is between October and May, when you can enjoy the soothing climate with unique serenity and peace.

How to Reach: By Air – There are flights available both from Mumbai in Maharashtra or Ahmedabad in Gujarat. By Rail – You can easily reach Diu is through rail. The nearest railway station to Diu is at ‘Delwada’, which is about 9 KM away and linked via Veraval port town by the metre gauge line. Veraval is also easily linked to Bombay via Ahmedabad by rail line.

Top attractions of Diu are:

Nagoa Beach

Nagoa BeachThe most popular attraction in Diu Island, Nagoa beach is shaped in a wonderful semi-circle and is located in the Bucharwada region of the island. The peaceful waves striking the shores here will allure you to enjoy a dip, indulge in water-sports activities or just play on the edges. Gomptimata, Chakratirth and the scenic Sunset Point are some of the other popular beaches located nearby.

Gangeshwar Temple

Gangeshwar TempleDevoted to the Hindu God-Lord Shiva, Gangeshwar Temple is situated about 3 KM away from Diu town and in the Fudam village. The major feature of this temple is the five lingas in the middle of mid-sized boulders alongside the shore, which is persistently rinsed by the sea waves. According to the popular legends, it is believed that these lingas were set up by the famous Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata.

Ghoghla Beach

Ghoghla Beach is often called as the most beautiful beach of Diu District. Moreover, it is best known for being the major spot for various water sports such as parasailing, swimming, jet skiing, surfing, and other individual water activities.

Diu Fort

Diu FortA famous landmark of Diu, this fort is a huge and attractive structure located along the coast side of the island. As per history, it is believed that it was built in the year 1535 by the Portuguese (during their colonial rule on the island). At the main entry gate, there are five large windows with beautifully carved stone galleries on the main front wall. Another famous feature of Portuguese architecture ‘large light house’ is also located at one end of the fort.

Apart from these, St. Paul’s Church and St. Thomas Church (cum Museum), Panikotha-Fortim Do Mar, Gomtimata Beach and Jallandhar Shrine are some of the other popular tourist attractions of Diu town.

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