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Explore the Different Islands of Lakshadweep

Situated amidst calm crystal clear water, amazing coral reefs and lush green coconut palms, Lakshadweep is the India’s smallest Union Territory and world’s most spectacular tropical island system. Geologically, it is as an archipelago. Its land area is surrounded by 4200 km² of lagoon rich in marine wealth. The place largely focuses on eco-tourism approach… Read More »

Top 10 Reasons that Make Your Life in Delhi Always Fun

Identify it as the capital city of the country, a vivid cultural melting-pot or a destination with big heart, Delhi has always been a preferred city to live for all the Indians. It is full of amusements, located close a various options for weekend getaways and dotted with interesting shopping sites.

Top Places to Visit on Allahabad Tour

Allahabad is the ‘King of Pilgrimages’ and home to the very eminent Kumbh Mela. However, it is much more than only a religious destination. It is true that Allahabad is an ultimate stopover for the wanders seeking divine grace and salvation. Still, the city houses numerous sites that appeal tourists, students and others to explore… Read More »

Top Holiday Destinations in India for Spiritual Detoxification

Holidaying is not all about collecting information about historical places or visiting beautiful nature-friendly destinations. Instead of these, holidays are mostly meant to refresh our body, mind and soul. However, not every place can detoxify your body. There are very few places that can be visited for spiritual awakening. This article is not talking about… Read More »