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If you think that it is a bad idea to participate in a quiz for knowing about which type of couple, then you are completely mistaken. It may be an unusual thing to do but is going be interesting and exciting for you. It is true that couples know very well about each other and are also familiar with their likes and dislikes. So, why to take this quiz? It will help you in doing something interesting and unique together and will enlighten you more as a couple. So, keep your pen and paper ready to note down the answers and see the results coming out of it.

valentines day couple

1. What comments do you often get from people when together?

a)  I always feel gad seeing you so much in love

b)  You both seem very ignorant of each other

c)  You seem best buddies of each other

2. What is your idea for a perfect date?

a) Spending time together at a very less crowded place

b) Having delicious food & less conversation

c) Going to a place for enjoying fun activities

3. How frequently do you express love to each other?

a)  Keep doing it through SMS, Chats and from in front

b)  Sounds immature to express it always

c)  Love to express & argue always that who loves more

4. What kind of gift do you love to buy for each other?

a)  Flowers, Chocolates, Candle-light Dinner, Cards & Soft Toys

b)  Gift Coupons/Vouchers are Great Deal

c)  His/her favorite next longing that my pocket allows

5. How often do you complement each other?

a)  Always- it’s unavoidable

b)  Don’t remember

c)  We fight for who is better

6. On holidays you prefer to

a) Go out for romantic dinners

b) Sit at home & relax

c) Go shopping & watch movies

7. When your spouse has to go for a business trip

a) You feel deprived & miss him/her

b) Feel like nothing

c) Understand the situation & wait for him/her

8. When away, how frequently do you call each other?

a) Calling keeps us connected

b)  Not always

c)  We always call to exchange ideas

9. How alike you are?

a)  Not much but gives preference to each other’s choice

b)  We don’t consider it now

c)  Very alike

10. How Special Valentine’s Day is for you?

a) Each day is a day of love for us

b) It is special for mindless youth

c)  Very special as we have plans for a fun outing with friends

Now Find Out Your Results…..

If most of your answers are As

You are really a sweet couple who never feel shy or reluctant in showing love for each other. You have found your world together. Keeping lovebirds like you in mind, we have prepared holiday packages for lots of romantic destinations. Visit them to add more sweetness in your life.

If most of your answers are Bs

In run of being mature, you have stopped taking pleasure from the small things. You really need to fire up a spark in your relationship. You have got a beautiful life & wonderful, make it more special. Pack your bag & go for a visit to any hill station or beach destination.

If most of your answers are Cs

You make a perfect couple and are best friends of each other. You can go anywhere and extract maximum fun from each trip. However, you can choose a royal destination to do something unusual than before.

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