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Situated amidst calm crystal clear water, amazing coral reefs and lush green coconut palms, Lakshadweep is the India’s smallest Union Territory and world’s most spectacular tropical island system. Geologically, it is as an archipelago. Its land area is surrounded by 4200 km² of lagoon rich in marine wealth. The place largely focuses on eco-tourism approach in tourism promotion and environmental conservation. It is home to numerous islands, which are blessed with beautiful coral reefs, sandy beaches, crystal clear water and much more. Some islands offer variety of water sports activities whereas some are totally aloof. However, each can make you relaxed amidst the serenity and harmony of natural beauty.

lakshadweep island

Being an absolute naturally beautiful destination, Lakshadweep doesn’t house a number of monuments but has a plenty of locations that can be explore. Read below article to know more about the islands of the Lakshadweep.


It is the most developed island in the region with 52 mosques spread out all over. The island is perfect for enjoying water sports and swimming. Its sandy beaches allow you for sun basking. Enjoy marine life that is exhibited at a Marine Aquarium here. There is a huge collection of underwater world samples at this museum. You can also rent water sports crafts like Kayaks and yachts while being at Kavaratti.


Located 287 km away from Cochin, Kalpeni houses the largest lagoon of the Lakshadweep Islands. This lagoon is comparatively shallow and one can enjoy here several water activities like boating, sailing and kayaking. A key element of Kalpeni Island is the enormous storm bank of coral debris located along the eastern and southeastern shoreline. The island is widely popular for its natural scenic beauty.


Bangaram Island can enliven all your romantic imaginations due to its secluded yet amazing backdrop. It is only island in the region where consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted. The island features beautiful lagoon, creamy sand and serene area that attract foreign tourists the most. The deep, warm, and crystal clear waters of Indian Ocean with its multitude of flora and fauna lure the scuba diving divers from all over the world.


Sited at a distance of around 459 km from Cochin (Kochi), this small island is only 6 km long and 1000 m in width. It is renowned for offering scenic beaches and palm groves. Some popular activities like Scuba diving, sailing and kayaking can be enjoyed here. Moreover, this island sites Lakshadweep’s only aerodrome that is served by Air India Regional, a subordinate of the state-owned carrier that flies from Kochi on the mainland.


Kadmat is home to the best diving spots of India. It is perfect place to enjoy solitude with nature. The island offers a long stretch of shoreline, which is ideal for swimming and features well-secluded tourist huts. This is the only island in the region having lagoon on both the sides. You can relax on the soft sand of the island and dense palm trees will protect you from sun. .


In the whole group of Lakshadweep’s islands, Minicoy Island is located at the southernmost tip. With such a location, this island is pretty much echoes Maldivian essence and comprises a rich culture. This Island’s main attraction is its ‘lighthouse’. Moreover, here you can also enjoy ‘the Lava Dance’ performance presented by local people.

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