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Situated at the very eastern region of Asia, the Philippines are home to over 7,000 islands. These islands are approximately inhabited by many indigenous tribes and friendly locals. Right from unspoiled beaches to spectacular natural wonders to interesting historic sites and exotic experiences, the Philippines pack many exciting things to see and do. If you are planning a visit to this country, then checkout the following popular tourist places that you must visit.Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces

Any of the Philippines trip remains incomplete without capturing views of the picturesque “Banaue Rice Terraces”. These terraces are created from the mountain that ranges about 2,000 years ago without up to date tools by the Ifugao tribes, these brilliant farm terraces look like giant steps reaching up to the sky. Till today, the locals, plant vegetables and rice on these terraces, although many younger Ifugaos don’t find farming much pleasing and have migrated to the cities. But, the beauty of this place is still intact and worth watching.

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Boracay Philippines


May be a small island, Boracay although it packs great features including award-winning beaches, incredible resorts and amazing adventures such as cliff diving, motor-biking, horse riding, parasailing, snorkeling, kite surfing, scuba diving and much more. If these things not much excite you, then the boat tours will certainly allow you to watch beautiful sunsets, remote coves of turquoise lagoons and explore volcanic caves. When the sun sets, Boracay night-life becomes effervescent with many bars and restaurants serving delicious food, drinks and fun till dawn.chocoloate hills

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills are one of the top tourist attractions in the Philippines. These are unique geological formations that consist of around 1,268 individual mounds scattered all over the interior of the Bohol Island. The quite symmetrical and similar-sized formations range from 30 to 50 meters high and are covered in green grass. On the other hand, during the dry season the grass turns brown, giving it’s the name. There is no information on how these giant mole hills were formed. However, one of the theories days that the Chocolate Hills are the weathered rock formations of a kind of aquatic limestone on top of an impervious layer of clay.Tubbataha Reef

Tubbataha Reef

Located in the Sulu Sea, the Tubbataha Reef is a marine sanctuary protected formally as “the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park”. This reef is made of two atolls, North and South Atoll, and separated by a deep channel of approximately 5 miles (8 KM) wide. Today, this marine park has become one of the most famous dive sites in the Philippines because of its colorful coral walls where the shallow coral reef ends and gives way to great depths. This marine park is open to live-aboard diving excursions during the months of April to June when the waves remain mostly calm.San Agustin Church, Manila

San Agustin Church, Manila

The San Agustin Church is situated in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. This beautiful church was constructed in the year 1589 and renowned to the oldest stone church in the Philippines. At the entrance, you can see the superb carvings on the wooden doors. The interior is Mexican-influenced and designed in the shape of a Latin cross. Also, the ceiling was painted in the 1800s by Italian artists, Cesare Alberoni and Giovanni Dibella.

Apart from these, Puerto Princesa Underground River, Puerto Galera, Malapascua Island and Mayon Volcano are some of the other popular tourist places in the Philippines.

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