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The royal state of Rajasthan is absolutely the synonym of “the land of the kings & Rajputs” in India. This state is dotted with most captivating and royal destinations of India, where you will be awestruck by the magnificence of culture and traditions. The state is full of countless stories which are waiting to be revealed, of royals ready to be discovered and thrill differ from any other kind that you have ever experienced in life. The stunning planning of the massive forts, havelis and palaces, the charm of the deserts monuments will surely be a made great impression in your memory! In the following article, we have mentioned some of the famous safaris to explore the beauty of Rajasthan. for Jungle safari, family holiday visit EaseMyTrip.in

Variety of Safaris Available in Rajasthancamel safari

Camel Safari

Camels are often referred to as the ship of deserts, so Camel Safari is one of the exclusive ways to explore small villages in Rajasthan. Camel Safaris are the most exciting and soft adventure that will make your Rajasthan memories even more special. Camel is not as easy as people consider but it is neither a great test for endurance. You can enjoy great experience to explore The Thar desert. The itineraries for Camel safaris can range from 2 to 7 days that can be arranged navigating approx. 40-50 KM a day on camel.horse safari

Horse Safari

The importance of horses for the Rajputs cannot be defined in few words. The royalty of Rajasthan, the charismatic and brave Rajput kings always traveled on horseback. They were believed to be born with riding skills and their horses were among prized possessions. Horses were a significant part of the army and the many wars in the history of Rajasthan were fought on horseback. If you wish to enjoy that royalty, then go for adventurous safari on the back of this aristocratic animal. The famous horse safaris are usually conducted in the scenic hilly territories.elephant safari

Elephant Safari

Rajasthan Elephant Safari is the most regal way to explore the rich state. In fact, an elephant safari will give an imperial touch to your trip, since; they were one of the key means of transportation of the kings in the past. The slow and steady pace of the elephants lets you enjoy and explore the beauty of Rajasthan at your own pace and leisure. The best elephant is best routes for in and around the major towns. Also, Elephant Safaris are pretty popular for exploring the rich wildlife of the various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Along with that, these safaris also include visits to the grand forts and palaces of Rajasthan. In India, elephant safaris of Rajasthan are simply elaborate affairs and are the grandest safaris of the state.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is the fastest and most encouraging way to explore the beautiful natural landscapes, cultural life and heritage of the state of Rajasthan. Jeep Safari tours can be enjoyed to visit the remote villages rich in ethnic and cultural life. The safari tour can also cover visit to the ruins of old forts and many temple complexes known for their rich history and architecture. The most rewarding region for jeep safaris in the state is the Shekhawati belt with its painted towns interspersed with sand stretches. Also, you can explore rich flora and fauna of Ranthambore and Sariska National Parks and landscapes of Aravali terrain.

Balloon Safari

The most famous and enjoyable tour is the hot air balloon safari with any tour of Rajasthan. The Balloon Safari is the latest addition to the safaris to experience the beauty of the sandy terrain of Rajasthan. The undulating sand dunes are best for ballooning buffs. The best is to coast over fairs such as Pushkar, Nagaur or Beneshwar in a hot-air balloon. The best time to enjoy hot air ballooning is from October to March (when the temperature is cooler). The cold climate makes the hot air inside the balloon lighter, makes it to rise and stay up for a longer period.

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