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It is a known fact that the royal state of Rajasthan experiences one of high temperatures in India. The scorching heat and the desert sand connote that it is going to be much more fun-filled in the winter season. Therefore, the winter season is the best time to visit the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is the ideal time to indulge in sightseeing and enjoy the outdoors activities offered in the region. During this time, you can visit this state’s royal monument, palaces, forts and lakes. Once you are here, get indulge in Rajasthan’s rich heritage and natural splendor and then, divert your attention to the following charming experiences, which you can only enjoy in the winter.mount abu tour

Winter Festival of Mount Abu

The one and only hill station of the state of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is any tourist’s delight. It is incredibly famous for those who are seeking a break from the heat as well as the urban hustle-bustle. Also, Mount Abu is the site for the annual Winter Festival that is conducted during the last week of December. It is the time when, this quiet hill station becomes more lively and colorful as hundreds of tourists flock here for this three day festival. The festival starts with a ceremonial procession, which gathers at Nakki Lake Chowk and witnesses folk performances from artists across Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab along with the native performers. Tourists can also enjoy music, great food, boat and skating races and the fireworks, which mark the close of this 3 day festival.mount abu in winter

Party Season Starts in December

It is a lesser known thing that not only visitors, but the locals increasingly flock to many local lounge bars and pubs in the pink city – Jaipur. After enjoying a week of sightseeing, exploring the culture and eating native food one might also want to be familiar to more youthful indulgences such as going for clubbing, dancing and pubbing. In the case of local youths, it gives them the enthusiasm of the big city life. As winter witnesses the most visitors in the region, so it becomes the best time to hit the pubs. Rajasthan has a large number of premium hotels with most of them having their own plush lounge bars for both, the guests staying in the premises and the visitors.bird watching in mount abu

Bird watching

Winter season is ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers as it is an amazing time to be outdoors. The weather is not cruelly hot and the cool weather is enjoyable. Thus, it is also a best time for bird watching. You can explore the most famous spots for birdwatching in the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (renamed the Keoladeo National Park), also a popular World Heritage Site. More than 200 species of birds live here and many migratory birds make an annual journey to this reserve. It is conveniently located close to the Jaipur city.rajasthan tour

Discovering Jaipur at All of Its Glory

Jaipur can become scorching hot during summers with monsoons are usually difficult to move around. But, winter season is a great time to be in and explore the Pink City – Jaipur. It’s the season during which you can enjoy the royal city of Jaipur to its fullest. The amazing views offered by the olden monuments of the city simply fascinate the visitors. The city also hosts various cultural events around the year and you can discover the Rajasthani culture in great detail.

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