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The world of Smartphone is very vast and it is not limited to social networking sites, chat applications and video calling. After affecting several aspects of life, Smartphone offers a lot to the modern day travelers. Coming with a number of travel apps, Smartphone has made traveling easy and convenient. There are several travel apps with one similarity: they solve a problem which you didn’t even recognize you had. During planning a journey or in the middle of enjoying a holiday, you can rely on these apps that can keep you at ease with everything related to your vacation. After checking out a number of travel applications, some of the best I would like to recommend are:Google-Maps-Thumb


  • Google Maps: The web mapping technology and service application provided by Google is simply awesome. It features an offline map that lets you downloading several areas and mark places to visit in advance. It works like a route planner for traveling by different means, including walking, car, and by public transportation. Since it is an offline map, so you can find your essential locations with a GPS-enabled map without a data connection. Google Maps for mobile is the trendiest app for Smartphone users and more than 54% of Smartphone owners are using it.
  • GateGuru: GateGuru is meant to bring a revolutionary airport experience since year 2009. It is a leading travel application that covers more than 204 airports across the Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and United States. This application is created to serve as a helpful resource from the minute you leave for your journey to the minute you reach your destination. The application allows you exploring your Tripit and Kayak itineraries. You can also watch airport security wait times along with the list of airport food, shops and services, including more than 35,000 suggestions and 10 thousand photos by the fellow travelers.
  • XE Currency: If you are going for international travel, you will have to exchange some money in order to get along. XE Currency is a helpful tool for converting money from all over the world. It helps users in understanding that how much cash they should expect to obtain in exchange (before fees). The application uses internet connection, so exchange rates are really updated due to availability of new information. Insuring your exchange calculations with this app is the latest as per the international currency markets.
  • TripIt: TripIt is a wonderful travel application for frequent travelers. It simplifies your journeys and helps you in organizing your tour planning. However, you have to allow this app to access your inbox and no need to worry about checking your travel plans again. Everything, including flights, hotels, and train trips will automatically be added in your TripIt account from your inbox. If you book more for a trip, it will identify the matching dates and systematize accordingly. If you want this application not to access your inbox, send travel confirmation emails to it and let it automatically creating detailed daily itinerary for every trip
  • Hotel Tonight: Hotel Tonight is a first class application having a focused purpose and it serves the purpose extremely well. With this app, you can book last-minute hotel rooms at reasonable rates in 12 countries and 150 destinations. It doesn’t boast of hundred of hotels to choose from, but offers a collection of available rooms in different hotels with deals. If you are travelling at short notice, this application can help you in finding out great accommodation options.


There are several other applications that make journeys of frequent travelers simple and hassle-free. Some other popular applications are Forevermap, Sphere, Trip Tracker, Flying and AroundMe.

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