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Dussehra is a festival that celebrates the victory of goodness over evil. The festival enjoys a celebration of ten days in honor of Goddess Durga. Nine days, out of which are called as Navratri and the 10th day of this festival is called as ‘Vijayadashmi’. The whole country, from Kolkata to Delhi and from Mysore to Ahmedabad, gets attired into a festive appearance exuding elegance & ethnicity. In some states of India, Dussehra is celebrated as the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama and some celebrate it as Durga’s victory over a demon named Mahisasur. Whatever is their reason of celebrating this festival, you can come across happy and devoted sprits of people and their enthusiasm about this festivity. Let’s explore the places where Durga Puja is celebrated with greatest fervor and devotion.


Durga Puja in Kolkata is its identity, which transforms the entire city into a lively activity hub. The city features hundreds of different theme based pandals where really amazing idols of Goddess Durga and other deities, including Ganesh, Laxmi and Saraswati are worshiped for 5 days. This is an unforgettable event of whole West Bengal that makes you realize of its importance for the metropolis.


You can enjoy the festival in a different way in this wonderful city of Gujarat. The whole city of Ahmedabad becomes energetic with the zest for celebration through music, dance and religious fervor. The atmosphere is full of revelry, which is essentially sacred in nature. Goddess Durga is worshipped at home & temples and Ras-Garba is played with much enthusiasm. On this special occasion, everyone is being seen in their traditional attires that are Lehnga Choli for women and Kedia for men.


Navratri makes Varanasi alive by amalgamating festivity and spirituality. The aura of the city becomes really sacred during the 10-day celebration of Durga Puja. One of the biggest attractions of Varanasi Dussehra celebration is Ram Leela. It is a drama that depicts the lives of Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman in exile, defeat of Ravana and Ram-Bharat reunion.


In Delhi, Navratri is celebrated on a grand scale and you can find most of the restaurants coming up with new delights of the festival. The temples of Lord Rama are adorned beautifully with flowers and lamps. Ram Leela is also celebrated in Delhi on the festive evening of Vijayadashmi followed by an amazing firework.


Mysore is the place where one can experience the 400-year-old Dussehra festivity, locally known as Dasara. Mysore enjoys the Royal Festival of 10 days celebrating the victory of truth over evil. Mysore Palace is illuminated with 100,000 of the lights on this occasion and gives a rare visual treat to the devotees & visitors. The procession on the 10th day of celebration takes place with richly decorated elephants on the beautifully adorned streets of Mysore. Being part of this procession is an experience that makes you acquainted with the royalty and ethnic culture of the city.

There are many other places in India where Durga Puja is celebrated with great enthusiasm and bring the opportunity of enjoying spirituality with the gusto of festivity.

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