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Belgium is a small country in Western Europe region. But, this country is packed with a lot of history within its borders including the place where Napoleon met his Waterloo, the knights who went on crusades and felt the effects of World War I & II. Due to its small area, travelers can explore almost any of the tourist attraction with three or four hours of train journey. Not to forget, Belgium is the place which gave the world ‘Belgian waffles’, a scrumptious breakfast delight. In this article, we have listed some of the famous tourist attraction that you must visit during a trip to Belgium, for details visit EaseMyTrip.com.leuven town hall

Leuven Town Hall

This town hall appears like a cathedral rather than a seat of government, possibly due to the 236 statues which adorn it are set in religious scenes. These statues are located on all the three floors of hall. Each floor displays different people who were significant to the city’s heritage. Constructed during the mid-15th century, this Gothic style town hall is very elaborate seeming almost lace-like. It has the city’s Grote markt and Main Square placed across from St. Peter’s Church.mons belfry

Mons Belfry

It is a medieval city that serves as capital of Hainaut Province, in Belgium. Mons Belfry is home to the one and only ‘Baroque belfry’ in Belgium. The belfry is situated on the highest point in Mons, at a square which once was a homeland of a castle and its remains. The bell tower is 87 meters (285 feet) high with a 49-bell carillon at the top. The belfry was built in the 17th century that is topped by an onion-shaped dome.Bouillon Castle

Bouillon Castle

Bouillon Castle is located on a hill that overlooks the city of Bouillon. This castle is believed to date back to the Romans, although it is for the first time mentioned in the late 10th century. It is believed that its owners sold it to finance for participation in the First Crusade. On your visit to this castle, you will get to see three drawbridges, dungeons and a torture chamber, which visitors will see as they make their way down from the top. The castle is known to be one of the best in the country with having unique and defined layered defense system that is designed to protect it from invaders.

Grand Place (or Grote Markt)

The Grand Place (or Grote Markt) is a must-visit attraction for travellers to Brussels. In fact, this central square is this city’s major landmark. Encircled by the guildhalls and town hall, the square isn’t very big but the old buildings that line its sides make it very special. The Grand Place is believed to be date back to the 11th century when ancient markets were held. But, today every two years in the month of August, an enormous “flower carpet” is set up in the Grand Place for a few days. To make this flower carpet, a million colorful begonias (flowers) are set up in different patterns covering a large part of the square.

Apart from these, Grote Markt, Mechelen, Tournai Cathedral, Gravensteen, Belfry of Bruges and Canals of Bruges are some of the other popular attractions of Belgium.

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