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Nowadays, travelling by air is swiftly becoming a fast trend to commute to far places or should we say a necessity for all types of travelers. Traveling by air not only saves time for people but also offer an ease for all kind of travelers. Here, we are talking about differently-abled travelers. Differently-abled is simply an alternative term used for disabled or handicapped people. Being a differently-abled or disabled does not mean that you cannot travel by air. However, if you are planning a tour by air then you must keep some special tips in mind and list out your priorities, like the itinerary, required services etc. In the following write-up, we have listed some important air traveling tips for this kind of travelers.

Book Your Tickets in Advance

Those days are gone when you need to rush to travel agents’ offices to book air tickets. In today’s time, you can book tickets instantly at just a click on different online travel portals. So, before planning a tour you must explore your choices and discounts on EaseMyTrip.in and book air tickets well in advance. In addition, before booking your airline ticket, ask for as much details of its services as you can. Some airlines don’t provide disabled facilities in their restrooms whereas others may have narrow washrooms. So, look for the airline that provides comfortable facilities for disables.

Mention Your Disability Specifically

Online ticket booking is the first step. The second should be mentioning about what kind of disability you acquire. Like, while booking the ticket you must specify if you are a traveler with a disability and also, specify the type of disability. In addition, inform to the travel agent (who will confirm the bookings later). As mentioned above, book the relevant airline only.

Give Ample Notice to the Airlines

Taking a special further, take an initiative and contact the relevant airlines and inform them about your disability, and make sure that they have been given ample notice to make special arrangements for you. In fact, after informing about your needs, it is always important to confirm the same at least 2 days before the day of your departure to avoid any kind of confusions at the last moment.

Reach Early to the Airport

Reach early at the airport and ensure that you get a gate check tag when you are checking in. This tag, usually attached to your chair will let the cabin crew know that they need to bring your wheelchair at the gate when the plane arrives, rather than at the baggage area. Also, disassemble the wheelchair in the aircraft particularly if it is an electric one, remove battery wires and the cells from the chair as well.

Always Ask for the Aisle Seat

While checking-in, always ask for the aisle seat as it is a tall, narrow high-backed strapped chair designed to tone down the narrow aisle of the aircraft. Nowadays, many airlines offer lift-up armrests on some aisle seats. If there are such kind of seats in the aircraft than ask for them because they are very helpful in shifting you to other aisle seats in the plane (when you want to use washroom).

In addition to these important tips, you should keep some repairing tools (on your carry bag) with you in case if some complications occur with your wheelchair.

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